Sunday, December 8, 2013

Giveaway Talika Beauty Secret Workshop with Cindy from

I love shopping and I need a break, so other than just shopping I love giveaway too.

Win an exclusive invites to Talika Beauty Secret Workshop with Cindy from and receive a exclusive Talika VanityTrove worth RM416 consist of the following item:
1x Full Size Lipocils Expert
 1x Renaissance Mask Sheet
1x Eye Patch Therapy (1 Pair)
 1x PhotoBeauty Therapy Light Essence 30ml
 1x PhotoBeauty Therapy Anti-Ageing Cream 7ml
 1x PhotoBeauty Therapy Brightening Cream 7ml
1set x Etude House goodies worth RM 150
1box x VanityTrove customized trove worth RM 50
1bottle x L’Oreal Professional Original Mythic Oil worth RM 75
A complimentary dining experience at Big Chomp with Cindy & Sarah 3 x Consolation Prizes

For more detail of this giveaway, click on above link!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Education fee for son

Well it is all about money, there is education fee apply if I put him to go extra classes. It is for his education because the school he is studying wants high expectation. I didn't want him to be the best but I want him to try his best. :D

Education fee per subject $70 and supplement fee $40 per subject, what else? Need to pay for 6 months!

I need save money for him to go for education subjects which he's poor. Sad to say most subjects he's poor. :(

Bahasa Malaysia language

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hamleys- The Finest Toy Shop in the World

 I am so happy that I was invited to attend the prelaunch of Hamleys- The Finest Toy Shop in the World. I love toys, I know I am not a kid anymore, hey I am mommy of two children. :D

I feel like being a kid again in the Hampleys toy store. You can find this store in One Utama, it is next to Parkson! Yes Hamleys is in Malaysia!

So many toys and you will have hard time choosing them.

No kidding I spend like three hours in the store, I keep going back to the gal's corner. I am eyeing on the nail polish! No just any nail polish, the cute nail polish that you can use it like a pen to decorate on your nails.

There have yummy corner near the cashier counter, so many grabbing the popcorns! If you love popcorns, you can find many flavors there.

Hamley's rich history began with William Hamley, a Cornishman from Bodmin, England. In 1760, the first Hamleys store was opened in Holborn, Londonand in 1881, it was moved to Regent Street. Today, Hamleys' flagship store in London has thousands of toys across 7 floors with over 40,000 different toys!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Capes Halloween

I spotted the cape Halloween, they have only two colour red and black. I didn't purchase any of them as it's not my list then.

The price range of the cape RM24.90 to RM34.90 or more. It depends where you found them to shop. My friend told me, she found cheaper shop to purchase the cape. I am not sure where the place, as she is living in Cheras.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Event in Penang

I am so happy to receive an email to go event at Penang but sad to say, I haven't go there for more than 15 years. Woot the last time I went was driving my dad's car, he's having a company trip and I am his driver along with mom. Hehehe..

I missed the trip with my parents. Now they are apart, yeah mom is living in nursing home but she gets to go home stay few days with my brother's family and my dad.

I love to bring my family and parents to go holiday to Penang. Just one thing stop me from doing that, well you know it right? No money, no talk.

Money don't grow on trees.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Guardian Bargain Sales @Giant USJ

Yesterday we head to Giant USJ after dinner, I saw the Guardian Bargain Sales near entrance of Giant. You bet I went in to have a look and I bought my mom's favourite hair dye products. It is C.Michael brand, it cost RM25 a pack.

I bought the in2it pencil eye liner which comes with free sharpener RM9. I found my favourite skin care scrub Ginvera RM7. I couldn't believe my eyes, I just finished using this tube of scrub and it is available at the Guardian Bargain Sales.

I saw other products of Ginvera and Bio-essence. I didn't purchase any of them, just for your info it would be best to purchase from Ginvera warehouse sales the price is much cheaper! No kidding I spotted the Bio-essence bird nest cream which I purchase RM20 from Ginvera warehouse sales but it cost RM50 plus at Guardian Bargain Sales.

Have you been to warehouse sales?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

New giveaway in blog

I am happy to tell you that you can head to my mom's best to see new giveaway. Yeah after having giveaway in my other blogs. I had one in my mom's best, being mommy I love my children. I need to pamper myself too. They are nice prize awaiting you to win. :D

I am happy I have gone for the Alliance warehouse sales, though I didn't shop much. I still have some hair dye products, awaiting my mom to let me know when she needs to dye hair.

My mom loves Olay brand skin care and I have some for her, though they are not from warehouse sales. I bought them during sales and it comes with free red trolley bag. :D

I used the red trolley bag for travel to Hatyai, Thailand not long ago.