Friday, February 24, 2012

Begin the Mission To Combat Your Wardrobe

When it comes to the consternating task of tidying and organising your wardrobe, we often put it off until it becomes completely unruly. If you are a culprit of hoarding clothes and having your garments squashed and creased in a pile in your closet, or maybe you have mistaken your bedroom floor as your wardrobe, then it is time to face your fears and take the next step to conquer the battle that your closet continues to win. With a few intelligible alterations, you can begin the mission of combating your wardrobe.

Investing in a large set of clothes hangers will make a significant difference to the way your wardrobe looks. Clothes hangers can help you distinguish what you have in your closet and help keep them crease-free. After the many hours consumed whilst ironing freshly washed garments, it makes sense to hang your clothing in an orderly fashion, rather than dumping them on your bedroom floor, to help maintain perfectly pressed attire.

Although using clothes hangers to hold your garments is a great way to see what it is in your wardrobe, it is important you do not overcrowd as this will also cause your apparel to wrinkle and crease. The next task to accomplish is to go through your entire collection of clothing and decide upon which garments you regularly wear and which garments have seen better days. Although this may sound extremely dispiriting, you can do this little by little; the mountain will soon look like a mole hill.

The final step is the fun part; revamping your wardrobe to give it a fresh new look. By investing in essentials such as jeans, vest tops and basic shift dresses, you will be able to mix and max your clothing to create a variety of different looks. Accessories are also a key part for transfiguring your old clothes and making them look like something directly off the catwalk. Buying one or two statement garments each season along with basic essentials and fashion accessories, you will form the perfect balance to stay in style with the latest fashion trends.

As time goes by, your choice of style and size is likely to alter slightly. So in order to prevent the clutter monster from returning to your wardrobe, you must continue to regularly go through your closet and assess and organise your fashion apparel, perhaps every 6 months. This way you can spruce up your wardrobe with little effort, de-clutter your closet and set your mind at rest.

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