Sunday, September 15, 2013

Shopping for my man

Today is the day, we check out the Guardian Bargain Sales in Summit USJ. I shopping for my man today, yeah he's been complaining of knee and wrist pain.

I bought the Ebene Bio-Sports Bio Ray Sports Wrist Guard for him, RM20. It is supposed to relieves wrist pain increase joint mobility and power. It is free size and we tried it and love it.

Anyway I will need to find out from my man, how he feels after using this product.

It is adjustable design to fit all sizes.

Protects wrist, increase power.

No tension & no strain on wrist.

Wrist joint feels relaxed.

Below a picture of me trying out the wrist guard. :D
Who is suitable for using this wrist guard?

People suffering from wrist pain and or numbness

Sportsmen or people engaged in sports

People with active lifestyles to help prevent wrist injuries

People working with computer mouse for long hours


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