Monday, October 28, 2013

Online costumes store with bad quality costumes

I can't believe this I paid with my own money for low bad quality of costumes from this online store. The costumes look good at the website but when I received in hand, they are bad quality. They don't have sewing of the costumes, I mean you can see the plain cut of the costumes and they are cheap material used! I am stay at home mom, I save money and don't simply spend them and I saw this website with beautiful costumes so I decided to check it and start purchasing.

Their website named Happy Costumes, bear in mind you will be shopping at your own risk! I purchased for 48 hours of shipping service and they didn't come in 48 hours! I bought the costumes online on Tuesday and I only received on Saturday! Two sets of costumes, yeah both bad quality costumes material used, one of them son cannot fit at all though the size stated but it doesn't fit his size which they put.

Below is the email I received from them, saying they will refund me the shipping money! Sad to say they never refund me even though I have request them again! Because of their delay of sending me costumes, I need to handmade sew and create for my son's Halloween costume.

Sorry to hear that. We have contacted GDExpress and they will send the item by 1p.m. today. Given the trouble you have experienced, we will refund the delivery charges. Meanwhile please feel free to contact Gdexpress at 03-77876677 and your consignment number is 3208585727. 

Thank you. 

Your Happy Costumes Team

Received the refund later at night, check this post for detail.

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