Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Interview. :)

Interview: Renee' Reimitz.
Topic: Shopping
For my post I interview my friend about what she like to shop for and what is her favorite store, and least favorite store and why. Also I will ask her who she likes go shopping with and is she likes to go Christmas shopping. :) Or if she likes to shop if there are sales.
1.     Why do you love to shop?
I love to shop because i like to try and look at all the different clothes and try different styles.

2.    Who do you go shopping with?
I either go shopping with my friends or with my momma.

3.    What is your favorite thing to go shopping for?
I am crazy about shoes, so when i go shopping i like to buy shoes before clothes.

4.    Do you like to go Christmas shopping?
I love christmas shoping, because all the sales just fits my budget price.

5.    What is your favorite store and why?
Zumiez is my favorite store, because i love skateboarding and they always have what im looking for, especially Vans.

6.    What is your least favorite store and why?
I really hate them ghetto store, theres no point in them at all. i dislike them bring ugly colored jeans and clothes.

7.    Do you like shopping when there are sales?
YES ! of course, thats the best part of shopping, hitting the sales racks and clearance!

8.     Do you like shopping when there are a lot of people in the store?
Not at all, i dont like when people watch me shop because i dont need anyone elses opinions on what i want to wear.

9.     Do you shop green? Like do you buy organic clothing?
It doesnt matter to me what i wear, but if it saves the environment then YES !

10.What is your least favorite thing to go shopping for?
I hate going shopping for food. it's pointless, i like shopping for myself when I have money.

I learn why she loves to going shopping, what her favorite store is, and what her least favorite store is. Also what she likes to go shopping for, and what she does not like going shopping for. Who she goes shopping with, if she likes to go Christmas shopping, shopping for sales, or going green. And if she likes shopping when there are a lot of people in the store.


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