Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wal-Mart VS. Target (:

Wal-Mart is open 24 hours.
Target opens at 8 until 11
Wal-Mart has more sales then Target
Both Wal-Mart and Target have clothes.
Target has good make-up
Target has better shoes
Target has more toys.
Wal-Mart has better prices then Target
Wal-Mart is bigger then Target
Wal-Mart has smaller aisles thenTarget
                                                                                   *Both have an online shop
                                                                                      *Both have everything
                                                                                     Wal-Mart has better food

          10 reason why people love Target       
Why did the 911 hijackers buy their box cutters at Wal-Mart? Why do serial killers featured on Court TV buy duct tape and rope at Wal-Mart? Because they feel comfortable there. They’re with their people. Did you know (according to this study) the average Wal-Mart has almost 450% more police calls than the average Target store?
Target Doesn’t Destroy Small Towns
My parents live in the lake country of Northern Minnesota. It’s beautiful; please visit sometime. They live near Park Rapids (pop 3,300) and Wadena (pop 4,200), two quaint small towns about 30 miles apart. Wal-Mart is building a box store in each town. These cities have vibrant downtowns with ice cream confectionaries, candy shops, coffee shops, theaters, dime stores, bookstores, restaurants, and hardware stores. We know what happens when a box store opens on the edge of town, the downtown dies. Economists say that the little shops in town are economic dinosaurs. Maybe the economists are right, but I will still grieve the loss of these special places.
Target doesn’t build stores in towns with populations of 4,200 or 3,300 and it isn’t on their agenda (as far as I know).
Target’s Prices are Competitive
Employees (An Anecdote)Sunday Sep 10th 10:00 AM
Wal-Mart: I smiled at the people greeter. She didn’t greet me or anyone else. She stood there like a zombie looking straight ahead scowling.
After spending 15 minutes looking for a lunch box, I asked an employee where the lunch boxes were. She led us aimlessly around the store with no idea where they were. Eventually she asked another employee working at the jewelry counter, “Hey ya know where the lunch boxes are?”
She looked up from the phone, chewing her gum, said “Nope”, and returned to her telephone.
We didn’t find a lunch box.
As I left, I saw 25 checkout lanes. Two were open. The lines were 15 deep. After 60 minutes, I walked out empty handed and nauseous.
Sunday Sep 10th 11:15 AM
Target: The people greeter smiled and asked, “Can I help you?”
“Where are the lunch boxes?” I asked.
She whispered something into a microphone on her chest, paused, and said, “Behind aisle 8 against the back wall.”
Target had ten lanes open and two with no line. In less than ten minutes, I found what I wanted and left with a smile on my face.
I don’t know if Target offers higher pay or better benefits but I can tell that they attract different employees; employees that care. Wal-Mart employees appear indifferent.
Happy Customers
At the Target store near my home, I see energetic customers smiling, visiting, and laughing.
At Wal-Mart I see people moping around with frowns, yelling at their kids, and everyone looks depressed.
In my experience, the difference in cleanliness between the two chains is dramatic, especially the bathrooms. I brought my son into the bathroom at Wal-Mart and it was so nasty I’ll never bring him there again.
Better Parking Lots
Wal-Mart: One way, narrow, and angled. I’d show you how bad it is but Wal-Mart could sue me if I post a picture of their store. Yet another reason to love ‘em.
Did you know that most Wal-Marts allow people to camp in their parking lots? Is that safe?
Target: Square, two way, parking lots which are safer and easier to navigate.
Target Parking Lot
Positive Atmosphere
Wal-Mart’s atmosphere is cheap and crass.
Target’s atmosphere exudes progress and style.
Go to each store and soak in the whole scene and you’ll know what I mean.
Wider Aisles
Wal-Mart: I’d show you how narrow, crowded, and disorganized their aisles are but…Wal-Mart could sue me if I post a picture of their store.
Target: Wide spacious aisles
Target Aisle
I have both a Wal-Mart and a Target five minutes from my house. There is no comparison in the shopping experience.
My first priority in life right now is to maintain a positive mental state. I’ve found it nearly impossible to maintain a positive mental state inside a Wal-Mart store. The place oozes negativity.
When I leave Wal-Mart I feel like I should go home and shower, like I’ve just visited a seedy porn shop or something.
When I leave Target, I feel energetic and I want to return..

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