Thursday, April 21, 2011

Last post about shopping. :(

I learn how to shop green, and what was the first mall opened and it is still stands today. And people still go see it and still shop there it is on the biggest mall. Shopping green is when you have to find organic clothes, and Beauty. I would love to shop green but I do not know what stores sales organic clothes and other things that are organic. :/ But if I could I would shop green :) Because I would love to save the world as little as I can. If that means shopping green.  I also learn how to save money when I am shopping, and that the prices are rising higher. I also learned how to look for sales in the store and online. OR if I go on the stores website to see if there are any sales going on the store. So I can plan head of time. :)  I also learn that a lot of people like Target more than Wal-Mart. Because their allies are bigger than Wal-Mart.  Also that Wal-Mart has better food then Target does and a better toy selected than Target does. I love shopping at Wal-Mart. I don't shop at Target as much as I shop at Target. They both have good sales going on. Like after Christmas sales and on black Friday or any other days.   Shopping is more a female thing than a male thing. Males only go shopping for shoes and clothes. Female goes shopping for everything.  Female goes shop for clothes, shoes, earing, necklace, belts, beauty thing and other stuff. But both males and females shop for food and other products they need. The most difficult and challenging aspects was hyper linking and making a blog roll. And finding picture to go with all of my post. And trying to think of things to put on others people blog. So I would not put things other people did. But a couple of times I did put almost the same things other people already said on the post. The most rewarding lessons were the ones where we could write about anything we liked or anything else about are topic.  My favorite post was the one I wrote about how country music was my favorite music. This will be my last post, because I will not of the time to post more over the summer break. And I would never go back on this website again. I might go back on it reread all my post and to see what other people put on them. I don’t know if I will delete my blog yet because I do not know how to delete it. Now I know more about how to save money, how to shop green then I knew before. I know more about shopping now than I every did. But I loved making this blog and I love reading my blog families blog. And what they did there blog on, and what they learn about there blog.

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