Saturday, August 17, 2013

Shopping Huggies Drypants with freebie

Happy day for me because I get to shop for my lovely son, yeah he's toddler 2 year old. He's still wearing drypants, we bought three packs and it comes with a free swimming pool. The swimming pool will be type you blow air inside to use.

I didn't get to go party like Lipstiq Summer Party or Wevents Superwoman Party because I am saving my energy for this.

Above you are looking beside the haul is my son took part in Challenge of Huggies Changing Drypants, yeah he's one them in Malaysia book of records. About 9.45pm we left the record is over 2000 diapers changed!

I also get the chance to see Amber Chia with her cute son when my eldest son is shopping for his story book at newsstand.


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